Do I need a work risk assessment?

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Risk assessments are a fundamental tool for businesses to identify and control the risks that your employees and customers are exposed to. A work risk assessment is a method of looking at the activities that are carried out in your business and deciding on a suitable measure to prevent damage or personal injury. The goal of the assessment is to eliminate or reduce the risks identified.

There are two pieces of important Health and Safety legislation which set the requirement to manage your business’s risk through work risk assessments.

risk assessment checklistRisk assessments can be difficult to carry out in your own workplace, as activities and processes seem so natural that you can be missing obvious risks. It is strongly recommended that you speak to you a qualified Health and Safety consultant to discuss your options around conducting a risk assessment at work. It is a legal requirement for businesses to be aware and making reasonable efforts to minimise risks, so it is important that employers treat these assessments with high regard.

Every organisation is different, and at SM Smith Associates we won’t conduct risk assessment ‘off the shelf’. We ensure that your work risk assessment is applicable to the day to day processes involved in your business. Although it is important that assessments are carried out systematically, a different approach may be required for different types of business.

If you are struggling under the pressure of Health and Safety regulations, it is highly recommended that you discuss your needs with an expert. Small and medium sized businesses are often left struggling with huge tasks to undertake, and are often caught out by unannounced visits by the HSE. If you don’t want to be hit by major fines from an inspector, always ensure that all of your risks have been identified by a competent person, and are being managed and maintained by you.

The government understand that it is impossible to eliminate every risk within your workplace, but the law does state that you are responsible for protecting people as is “reasonably practical”. If you do not do this, you could face huge fines, a damaged reputation, and in extreme cases, even a prison sentence. Not only that, but your employees and customers could be at risk of personal injury on your premises. Ensure that you are aware of all the risks involved in your business by conducting a work risk assessment.

SM Smith Associates are a group of qualified Health and Safety consultants with the aim of reducing the pressure on businesses when it comes to the onerous task of Health and Safety. We want your business to achieve compliance with the current legislation, but also provide a safe environment for your business. We have years of experience behind us, and offer an easy to understand, jargon free approach to Health and Safety.

Don’t put off your work risk assessment, contact us to work alongside you to minimise or eliminate your risks. We’re here to help Health and Safety work for you, rather than you working for Health and Safety.

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