Health and Safety

Any company employing 5 or more staff is legally required to have a written Health and Safety policy in place. SM Smith Associates are expert Health & Safety Consultants who can offer the expert knowledge and skills required to help you achieve this.

As an employer you have overall responsibility for Health & Safety in your business. The Health & Safety at Work, etc Act 1974 does say that the day to day tasks involved can be delegated to someone responsible, such as a manager or a supervisor, but basically the buck stops with the owner. The aim of SM Smith Associates is to help you set up and adhere to your Health and Safety policies, and we can also help you address any issues you might have.


Whether you already have a policy in place that just needs updating or reviewing or need to start from scratch and set up a whole new policy, we can help.

To start with, we need to find out what your business needs to achieve in regards to health and safety. Although you, the boss, have overall responsibility for the health and safety policy, employees also have a legal responsibility to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others and have to co-operate with helping you keep within the law. Therefore, everyone in the company should know about the policy and know who the people responsible for the implementation of it are.

SM Smith Associates can show you why all this is necessary and can help you develop preventive methods to enable your business to run in a safe and legal way.

Some of the preventative methods used are:

* Prepare health and safety strategies and develop internal policies.

* Carry out risk assessments, and work out ways in which risks can be reduced.

* Outline safe operating procedures which can identify and take account of all relevant hazards.

* Carry out regular site inspections to make sure policies and procedures are being properly implemented.

* Keeping up to date with new legislation and maintaining a working knowledge of all of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation.

* Keeping records of inspections findings and producing reports that suggest improvement.

* Keeping records of incidents and accidents and producing statistics.

* Attending safety committee meetings.

These are just some of the things involved and this is not a conclusive list of everything. Methods and procedures that are put in place are specific to the company or business involved and would always be tailored to their specific needs.

At SM Smith Associates Health & Safety Consultants, we can produce your Health and Safety policy and health and safety procedures, tailoring them to the needs of your company, therefore letting you get on with the job that you do best, running your business safely. We can offer you a free consultation with one of our health and safety consultants to discuss your health and safety needs.