Accident Investigation

Our accident investigator is a member of the IIAI – Institute of Industrial Accident Investigators and as such we offer a full and legitimate accident investigation service.

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. They often hurt and sometimes kill, critically injure or maim. Accidents can also hurt your business and damage your reputation irreversibly, especially when lessons are not learnt.

To have one accident is bad enough, but to have a further accident because lessons were not learnt is inexcusable. We believe that the best people to make work places safer are the staff and managers who work in them.

Most organisations have really made progress in getting to grips with risk assessment, but many of them are still failing to understand the vital need to investigate accidents. Therefore, they are still failing to learn vital lessons, which could help them improve their overall management of health and safety.

It is now a legal requirement for employers to investigate accidents, and  The Health and Safety Executive has stated that by ‘adequately investigating the immediate and underlying causes of incidents and accidents to ensure that remedial action is taken, lessons are learnt and longer term objectives are introduced’.

We at SM Smith Associates can provide an impartial and thorough accident investigation service.  We can assist you with the reporting of health and safety incidents relating to your organisation.  When investigating an accident it is not our intention to allocate blame, but to thoroughly examine the direct and indirect causes of the accident with a view to avoiding a recurrence.

The Health and Safety Executive guidance recommends that all accidents should be investigated as a way of avoiding a recurrence.  Accident  investigation is a useful aid to prevention and may even help to save you money in the long term.

We can liaise on your behalf with the enforcing authorities, investigating serious accidents. We can respond quickly and efficiently to get your business back up and running again in the event of an improvement or prohibition notice.

It’s always good business practice to have an investigation and reporting procedure of all accidents to actively control them and prevent recurrence.