A workplace Health and Safety audit provides an independent view of your business’s compliance with the relevant legislation.  The health and safety audit will benchmark your business against legal compliance, best practice or your own company’s standard.  Areas may include, but are not exclusive to health and safety, fire risk safety, safe working by outside contractors, construction safety and environmental safety.

The main legislation relevant to health and safety in the work place is the Health and Safety at Work, etc, Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

SM Smith Associates can help your business undertake comprehensive Health and Safety Audits of your Health and Safety management and procedures.

A Health and Safety audit will show exactly how your business measures up to the current legal requirements, and whether your performance is up to standard.  It will also act as a benchmark from where you can form a Health and Safety Action Plan relevant to your business.

Following the Health and Safety audit, the findings will be detailed in a report which will offer your business advice and guidance on any actions that are necessary to enable your company to fully comply with health & safety regulations, best business practice and your own company’s standards.

It is also recommended that all organisations are subject to a periodic Health and Safety audit to ensure that their Safety Management Systems are adequate and complying with current legislation.  This will also to help to achieve continuous improvement within your business.