Health & Safety Risk Assessment

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As well as complying with the law, a health & safety risk assessment is such an important step in protecting you, your workers, your customers and your business.  Don’t leave it to chance. Let the people with the ‘know how’ help.  SM Smith Associates have the expert skills and knowledge to help you generate a positive health & safety culture within your business.

Most of the time, it’s quite easy to control the risks.  An example would be if something gets spilled, you clean it up as quickly as possible to make sure nobody slips, or, if something falls and smashes, you quickly clear it up and dispose of it safely so no one is cut or injured.

Risks, no matter how small you perceive them to be, can impact on your business, and procedures need to be put in place to address them. Never presume common sense will prevail! You have to ensure that best practices are in place and that staff fully understand the procedures you have implemented.  Everyone involved in your business must be made aware of the risk assessment process and the procedures implemented to ensure the safety of all involved.

It’s easy sometimes to feel, “Well, it’s my business. I know what the risks are.”  But, we can sometimes become complacent and unwittingly put ourselves or our associates at risk.  That’s why it’s so important to include everyone involved in the business in the process of risk assessment, and ensure it’s an ongoing and constantly reviewed process.

We at SM Smith Associates want to help, and can help. Our level of expertise is in Health & Safety risk assessment and some of the ways we can help you and your business are:

  • Preparing health & safety strategies and developing internal policies
  • Carrying out risk assessments and knowing how risks can be reduced
  • Outlining safe operational procedures which will identify and take into account all relevant hazards
  • Carrying out regular site inspections to check policies and procedures that have been put in place are being correctly implemented
  • We can plan practical and effective methods, both preventive and remedial that will promote health and safety practices in your business
  • Attend safety meetings
  • Make changes to working practices that are safe and comply with current legislation
  • Showing you how to keep records of accidents and incidents and produce statistics
  • Making sure you’re kept up to date with current legislation and ensuring you have a good working knowledge of all Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation
  • Keeping reports of inspection findings and producing reports that can make improvements

We can show you all the legal stuff, to help to comply with the law in assessing your business for risks.

What we at SM Smith Associates do is learn about your business, and tailor our advice completely to your needs.  We want to know what makes you tick, and want to make you understand how important a Health & Safety Risk Assessment is to you business.  Don’t leave things to chance. Let the experts show you how.

Health And Safety

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