Who is responsible for Health and Safety at work?

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At SM Smith Associates, our expert team is dedicated to promoting health and safety at work in order to prevent accidents and industrial disease. The workplace can be a dangerous place, and accidents, exposure to harmful equipment does often result in employees suffering with personal injury. If your member of staff feels that that your company is to blame for their injury at work, they could claim compensation.

Health and Safety at workThere are thousands of accidents at work every years, some serious and fatal, so it is your legal responsibility to ensure that you are compliant with Health and Safety regulations. There are many considerations when it comes to employee safety such as exposure to hazardous substances, assaults at work, a lack of signage in dangerous locations and much more. It is essential that you have adequate health and safety procedures implemented to ensure that the risk of injury towards your employees, contractors and visitors is kept to a minimum.

As the Health and Safety requirements for each workplace will be vey different, it is important that you and your employees take measures to identify potential hazards and reasonable precautions to preventing injuries occur.

Health and Safety is not only common sense, it is also the law. If you are the owner of the business, the responsibility for Health and Safety at work is entirely resting on your shoulders. Many business owners fall foul at Health and Safety because of the constant changes in legislation, and the onerous tasks involved. So, why not contact a Health and Safety consultancy with the ability to offer expert advice and skills, to help you create a safe working environment. A lack of compliance with the law can result in serious fines, and sometimes even a prison sentence – and not being aware of the current regulations is not an excuse.

Did you know that if you employ more than five members of staff, you are legally required to have a written Health and Safety Policy in force? If not, it is highly likely that there are many other Health and Safety regulations that you could be unaware of, or maybe just not enforcing. SM Smith Associates are here to help you establish and maintain your Health and Safety policies, so why not contact us today.

Although the overall Health and Safety of the workplace is your responsibility as the owner of a business, your staff also have a legal responsibility to ensure that they are cooperating with you to operate within the law, and provide a safe place to work. It is important that your employees are aware of any existing Health and Safety policies, and when you enforce new ones.

SM Smith Associates are qualified Health and Safety Consultants with the ability to produce your Health and Safety policies and procedures. We are committed to understanding the needs of every business, and will tailor our advice to your individual circumstances. Our aim is to ensure that you can carry on with the job you do in a safe manner, whilst complying with the law. If you’re interested in our services, contact us today for a free consultation.

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